Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida and Partnership with My Canadian Pharmacy

Gene Therapy

Gene therapyGene therapy is the therapeutic bringing of nucleic acid polymers into a patient’s cells as a drug to cure disease.

The nature of gene therapy can be passed through to the first live exhausted vaccines in the 1950s. Although exhausted vaccines do not change extant human genes, viruses are RNA polymers with their own genetic code that performs upon human cells, thus live vaccines can be proved to be a custard-pie type of gene therapy, although not in the feeling that is generally implicated nowadays.

The first trying at producing human DNA was introduced in 1980 by Martin Cline, but the first prosperous and proved nuclear gene transfer in humans was introduced in May 1989. The first therapeutic utilization of gene transfer as well as the first direct insertion of human DNA into the nuclear genome was introduced by French Anderson in an experiment beginnig in September 1990.
VGTI utilizes a little bit rennovated technology in gene therapy implication. Together with My Canadian Pharmacy we work out the schemes and schedules how everything should be conducted.