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How to Treat Bacterial Infection with Zithromax Canadian Pharmacy?

Zithromax is an antibiotic that is used for the treatment of any bacterial infection, like:

  • Pneumonia
  • Infection of the ear
  • Infection of the lungs
  • Bronchitis

This oral drug had been approved by FDA in 1992 for the treatment of specific skin and respiratory infection. However, the use of it has increased in recent age to include a wide range of bacterial infection which even includes sexually transmitted diseases.

It is very powerful antibiotic of a wide spectrum which will help in fighting and eliminating a extensive cluster of bacterial in your body, especially if they are fungal in nature. It can also be used for other cases too, but for that it has to be prescribed by the doctor. The medicine belongs to a class of antibiotics that contain lactones ring and erythromycin is the first and the best known among it.


Side Effects of Zithromax Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy states that you may some common side effects after having the medicine, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset

Most of these side effects disappear when you get used to the medicine. Nonetheless, if the problem persists then you should consult your doctor immediately. Majority of the people do not have any side effects from this oral drug.

If you incur any of the serious problems like:

  • Eye problem
  • Weakness of the muscle
  • Signs of liver issues
  • Changes in hearing

Then you should call your doctor promptly. Zithromax Canadian Pharmacy may at times cause serious intestinal condition because of resistant bacteria. This condition might either occur during the treatment or some weeks and months after the treatment. If the oral drug is taken for a prolonged period then it leads to thrush or yeast infection. If you notice white patches in your blood and an alteration in the vaginal discharge, you should contact your doctor.

Though quite rare, you might also develop a serious allergic reaction after taking this drug. The allergy reaction might return once you stop taking the drug.

Drug Interaction of the Oral Drug


You need to have a list of the other drugs that you will be taking along with it to share with the doctor or the pharmacist. According to the online store – My Canadian Pharmacy you should not stop or change the dosage of the medicine without consulting the doctor. There are some products like, live bacterial vaccine that might have an interaction with the drug.

How to Take the Medicine?

The medicine should be taken in exact dose prescribed by the doctor. Follow the direction that has been given on the label. The dose of this drug might not be the same for every infection. This can be taken either with or without food but for it to have the required effect on the bacterial infection, you should have it in empty stomach.

You should use this medicine for the full length that has been prescribed to you. If you skip doses it might increase the risk of further infection. The dosing schedule also needs to be monitored depending on the severity of your condition and the type of infection that you are having.