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My Canadian Pharmacy and Women Help in ED

My Canadian Pharmacy and Women Help in EDErectile dysfunction can become a major problem for men. It is a rather common condition and the risks increase with age. Men who are above 40 years of age are at significantly greater risk of ED. While ED certainly has a significant effect on men, it can also affect their partners.

Women tend to get affected by ED primarily because of their partners. However, they take in a different way simply because it isn’t happening to them. They are unable to understand the frustration felt by men suffering from ED. In such cases, a woman is prone to blaming herself for the situation but it should not be so. Instead, women should try and help their partner overcome ED together. My Canadian Pharmacy can also be of help in such circumstances by providing the right medications, if necessary.

Understanding the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

It is normal for women to feel personally about their partner’s ED problem. However, the cause of ED is rarely the partner. Erectile dysfunction is caused by a number of medical factors that have nothing to do with the partner. Some of more common causes of ED are given below.

  • Problems in blood vessels are the most common reason for erectile dysfunction in older men. The blood vessels present in the penis are smaller than those near the heart. As such, symptoms of heart disease often show up first in the penis. Heart problems such as high cholesterol do affect the heart but they can also cause ED;
  • In younger men, the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological in most cases rather than physical. Common psychological issues can be depression and stress. There can also be sexual performance anxiety especially if the sexual situation is a new one;
  • Medications can also cause ED problems. Certain antidepressants list ED as one of their side effects. Beta-blocker medications which are used in treating high blood pressure can also result in ED.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

In most ED cases, women can help their partners get the right treatment by visiting doctors and pharmacies such as My Canadian Pharmacy. Some of the possible treatments are listed as follows.

  • There are many generic ED medications (PDE5 Inhibitors) available such as Levitra, Cialis and Viagra. These medications can be used to treat most cases of ED. The side effects of generic ED medications are few in number. At the same time, they are not addictive. Most of all, these medications do work. However, the medications are not good options when the man is suffering from a heart disease. It is important to consult a doctor on the feasibility of those medications.
  • When medications do not work, other options are available to help in the treatment such as implanted devices, injects and vacuum pumps. These options can also be tried if the man is unable to take medications because of existing medical conditions.
  • Testosterone therapy can be an option if low testosterone is the cause of ED. This therapy can lead to significant improvements.

Women and ED

There are multiple ways a woman can help her partner with ED problems other than helping him get therapy or buy generic medications online from My Canadian Pharmacy. Here are some of the other ways, she can help.

  • Trying Out a New Experience – One of the most important steps in recovering from ED is enhancing arousal. Women can try out new things to help in this way. For example, she can try out new foreplay techniques. She can also do something together with her partner such as watching or reading something;
  • Reduce the Pressure – A good method would be to simply take the attention away from the penis for a while. There are other techniques and methods that can be tried out in the meantime such as oral sex and sex toys;
  • Have Patience – Treatments such as medications require time to work. For that reason, women should remain patient and not force their partners into anything;
  • Show Support – The most effective way to help the partner overcome ED problems is by truly supporting him. Women should visit the doctors with their partners and help them complete the treatment. It can provide a tremendous psychological boost to the partner;
  • Encouraging Him To Be Healthy – Good health, especially for the cardiovascular system, can often improve the effectiveness of ED treatments (Levitra, Cialis, Stendra and Viagra). At the very least, it can delay the onset of ED.