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Erectile Dysfunction: What Causes Sexual Impotence?

Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction – a single case or a common problem? Nowadays, patients with low potency are not only men over the age of 50, but also young representatives of the stronger sex. This indicates that the disease becomes more common and is directly related to psychological aspects.

Low potency reasons

It is considered that erectile dysfunction is common only among men of a mature age but a study by Wirthlin Worldwide has proved that erectile dysfunction in young men is a also frequent phenomenon.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when men are not able to perform a full sexual intercourse. There are various erectile dysfunction causes. In general, they can be divided into several groups.

No matter what exactly caused the illness, you need to visit a doctor at the first erectile dysfunction symptoms to get a good consultation and start treatment. Otherwise, the disease will develop and aggravate.

How To Get And Maintain A Strong Erection?

How to get an erection fast? It would seem that rapid erectile dysfunction treatment is impossible. But, in fact, there are several practical tips that will help you increase potency quickly.

In the article:

  1. How to improve potency naturally;
  2. Sleep and erectile dysfunction;
  3. Potency exercises;
  4. Contrast shower for potency increasing;
  5. Coffee and male potency;
  6. How to increase potency – male potency to improve potency

How to improve potency naturally

What is erection natural remedy? Such a question worries a lot of men. The following method will work if erectile dysfunction causes are severe stress, overwork, anxiety.

If male sexual disorders are the result of some certain medications, different diseases, and serious injuries, it will not be possible to achieve a quick effect via natural potency treatment. In this case, the patient should seek help from a specialist who will prescribe a course of treatment.

If you wonder how to get an erection quickly, you should start with the first step – proper nutrition and high potency diet. Eat the following high potency foods:

Why Man Ejaculates Quickly?

PE causes and treatment

More than a third of all men suffer from premature ejaculation, and the rest of men experience early ejaculation periodically. Many men do not address specialists and do not discuss the current situation with anyone (even with a sexual partner), considering it shameful. However, if you ignore such a problem, you may have devastating consequences. The first step to solving the problem of how to prolong ejaculation is to find out what causes a man to come quick.

In the article:

  • Why man ejaculates quickly?
  • How to stop premature ejaculation?
  • Duration of sexual intercourse: what do you need to know about early ejaculation?

Why man ejaculates quickly?

Premature ejaculation causes are numerous:

  • Increased sensitivity of the penis – a frequent justified reason of premature ejaculation;
  • The cause of early ejaculation may be a long abstinence from intimate contacts. If a man did not masturbate during an interruption, coitus may result in premature ejaculation;
  • Another reason why man ejaculates quickly is a sexual overexcitation;
  • Psychological factors: depression, feelings of fear and guilt, anxiety. Stress, personal and business problems, lack of confidence in sexual abilities – the most common premature ejaculation causes;
  • Lack of communication with a partner, unsettled conflicts, affected feelings;
  • Early ejaculation often occurs in an unusual situation or with a new partner;
  • Masturbation in early childhood;
  • Lack of experience (usual in adolescence) or too early sexual experience;
  • Failures in the past: a syndrome of expectation of failure – a man dwells on his previous failures in sex;
  • Premature ejaculation can be caused by diseases of the reproductive system (prostatitis, vesiculitis, urethritis, etc.), spine traumas, other factors (alcoholism, hormonal disruptions, medications).

My Canadian Pharmacy and Women Help in ED

My Canadian Pharmacy and Women Help in EDErectile dysfunction can become a major problem for men. It is a rather common condition and the risks increase with age. Men who are above 40 years of age are at significantly greater risk of ED. While ED certainly has a significant effect on men, it can also affect their partners.

Women tend to get affected by ED primarily because of their partners. However, they take in a different way simply because it isn’t happening to them. They are unable to understand the frustration felt by men suffering from ED. In such cases, a woman is prone to blaming herself for the situation but it should not be so. Instead, women should try and help their partner overcome ED together. My Canadian Pharmacy can also be of help in such circumstances by providing the right medications, if necessary.