Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida and Partnership with My Canadian Pharmacy


active acquired immunityA vaccine is a biological remedy that supplies with an active acquired immunity to a this or that disease. A vaccine usually comprises an agent that seems to be similar for a disease-causing micro-organism and is always arranged from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins. The agent motivates the body’s immune system to acknowledge the agent as a imminence, deteriorate it, and minute it down, so that the immune system can more easily acknowledge and damage any of these micro-organisms that it later face. Vaccines can be:

  • prophylactic;
  • therapeutic.

My Canadian Pharmacy knows how to provide scientists working under the creation of vaccine with everything necessary to carry out the trials successfully. They are responsible to select the obligatory amount of volunteers to conduct trials during all the stages. Pharmacutists are ready to consult volunteers at any time of day and night because we all take all the efforts to complete the trials as fast as possible.