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Why Man Ejaculates Quickly?

PE causes and treatment

More than a third of all men suffer from premature ejaculation, and the rest of men experience early ejaculation periodically. Many men do not address specialists and do not discuss the current situation with anyone (even with a sexual partner), considering it shameful. However, if you ignore such a problem, you may have devastating consequences. The first step to solving the problem of how to prolong ejaculation is to find out what causes a man to come quick.

In the article:

  • Why man ejaculates quickly?
  • How to stop premature ejaculation?
  • Duration of sexual intercourse: what do you need to know about early ejaculation?

Why man ejaculates quickly?

Premature ejaculation causes are numerous:

  • Increased sensitivity of the penis – a frequent justified reason of premature ejaculation;
  • The cause of early ejaculation may be a long abstinence from intimate contacts. If a man did not masturbate during an interruption, coitus may result in premature ejaculation;
  • Another reason why man ejaculates quickly is a sexual overexcitation;
  • Psychological factors: depression, feelings of fear and guilt, anxiety. Stress, personal and business problems, lack of confidence in sexual abilities – the most common premature ejaculation causes;
  • Lack of communication with a partner, unsettled conflicts, affected feelings;
  • Early ejaculation often occurs in an unusual situation or with a new partner;
  • Masturbation in early childhood;
  • Lack of experience (usual in adolescence) or too early sexual experience;
  • Failures in the past: a syndrome of expectation of failure – a man dwells on his previous failures in sex;
  • Premature ejaculation can be caused by diseases of the reproductive system (prostatitis, vesiculitis, urethritis, etc.), spine traumas, other factors (alcoholism, hormonal disruptions, medications).

How to stop premature ejaculation?How to stop PE?


In most cases, a man may avoid premature ejaculation. Effective drugs will help prolong sexual intercourse, give confidence in sexual power to both young and more experienced men. Premature ejaculation pills guarantee a solution of the problem (as well as creams, sprays, gels), they provide full sex for a man and a woman. These prolongators for premature ejaculation treatment are anesthetics and cooling agents which reduce sensitivity of the penis allowing to delay ejaculation and significantly increase sex time.

Viagra Super Force with Dapoxetine is an effective way not only to stop premature ejaculation, but also make sex more vivid. The effect of this drug lasts for 3-4 hours. You can order Viagra Super Force (Dapoxetine) online. The drug is equally effective for young and old men. After the course of treatment with Dapoxetine, men’s psychoemotional state, behavior and mood improves, and sexual intercourse deration is increased 3-5 times.

You’d better use prolongators in combination with warming-up products for women (creams, gels, tablets) – this will help a couple to come to a balance. One of the most effective means in this respect is Female Viagra which increases blood flow to the pelvic organs of a woman.

Effects of Female Viagra

  • Increased testosterone content in blood;
  • Intensified sensuality and passion;
  • More sensitive response to touches;
  • Better satisfaction;
  • More bright and lasting orgasm.

Duration of sexual intercourse: what do you need to know about early ejaculation?

The normal duration of sexual act is influenced by many factors:

  • Physical and emotional state of the man;
  • Concrete situation;
  • Behavior of the partner and others.

Moreover, modern studies have shown that the amount of frictional (progressive) movements is also important. The average time of a normal sexual intercourse is no less than two minutes, the number of frictions must be at least 68. The maximum duration of coitus is 3 minutes 35 seconds – during this time the man performs on average 270 frictional movements. There are supermen capable of sexual intercourse for an hour or more, but such sex is usually too exhausting for a man and a woman.

Only a man can really evaluate his own strength. If he realizes that he suffers from premature ejaculation, he will use special drugs that will help normalize sex life.